Third Party Testing

We chose to work with Amana because they are one of the largest PTAC manufacturers and offer a 5-year warranty. That said, at the time Amana had never approved a company outside of their own to cover their units. We agreed that in order to sell our PTAC and fan coil covers commercially, we would do whatever was necessary to keep their warranty place.

Amana insisted that we have our designs tested by ETL Semko, a third-party testing company. The first test was 13-hours and occurred in January 2007. The results were exceptional! Model 931 achieved a 98.5% EER and Capacity rating and Model 941…96.5%.

A second test analyzed the cabinets' impact on sound levels. If you order one of our cabinets and place it over the unit while it's running you'll immediately notice a difference in sound level. Testing measured the reduction at approximately 2.5 decibels.